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Metal bending

Metal bending

Perform bending sheet metal and bending of pipes at affordable prices. Using bending technology, we produce metal bent profiles, supporting and fastening elements of radio equipment / electrical equipment, elements of various designs, etc.

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Metal bending

The SAVVATS company offers a range of services for working with metal, and one of the areas is metal bending.

The metal bending process is usually classified as “cold” metal processing technologies. To carry out the work, we use various specialized equipment: roll forming, pipe bending, plate bending machines designed to work with “cold” rolled products. Note that the bending process is not applicable to all steel grades. Most often it can be used to change the shape of workpieces of low-carbon steels of ordinary quality.

Metal bending

Previously, various types of welding were used to form a certain form of metal. However, in contrast to welding, as a result of bending metal, there are no seams, and metal products retain their original strength, durability and overall integrity. In addition, metal bending for most processing cases is significantly cheaper, more accurate and more productive than welding technology.

Metal bending

Products that we produce using metal bending:

metal bent profiles (corners, channels, Z-shaped profiles, profiles for facade work, etc.);

elements of various designs (cabinets, racks, shelves, ventilation systems, etc.);

elements of electrical equipment and radio equipment (bearing and mounting);

non-standard products and body parts from sheet blanks.

Application area:

in road-building equipment;

in construction during the construction of various structures and buildings;

for car building and car repair enterprises;

bending and cutting of sheet metal for enterprises of the energy sector;

laser bending / metal cutting for enterprises of the military-industrial complex, etc.

Examples of metal bending work:

Metal bending

Pipe bending

Metal bending

Sheet metal bending

Metal bending

Bending strip

Metal bending

Pipe bending

Metal bending

sheet metal bending

Metal bending


SAVVATS LLC guarantees:

  • high quality of work;

  • high accuracy of the required angle for bending;

  • professionalism of our specialists;

  • reasonable prices for metal bending services.

Our company offers metal bending services with different levels of complexity and lots of different volumes. We produce products in a standard configuration or in accordance with the drawings provided by the customer.

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