Bending. Rolling.

Bending. Rolling.

Bending. Rolling.

LLC "SavVATS" offers the following services connected with metal works for the purpose of its proper shaping: rolling of steel goffered sheets, pipes, sheets, angles, channel bars, I-beams, strips and square bars 60x60 max; as well as round bar (max dia 70) bending.

The rolling is the process of cylindrical shaping of metal sheets and profiles. The rolling of pipes of various cross-section and thickness, as well as of metal sheets is performed on the three-roll assembly and is required to make rounded friezes, composite columns, screens etc. During this process a metal sheet or profile is deformed in one direction due to the large radius of the bending rounding. A metal sheet is passed through the rolling machine transmitting thus cylindrical shape to the material. Actually rolling as a technological operation of the metal sheet deformation (bending) has been used for a long while.

Bending. Rolling.


The pipe bending by means of rolling is the best solution where a tight joint of pipes or other parts is required, while welded or threaded connections are undesirable or unacceptable. Stainless steel, nonferrous, ferrous or galvanized steel sheets may be treated using this technique.

LLC "SavVATS"’s professionals will guarantee the timely and high-quality execution of your order for the metal bending in correspondence with the customer’s design documentation. Our company operates the up-to-date equipment enabling the timely performance of large orders.

When ordering our services you may be sure your order shall be executed in proper time and in the full scope.


See below the list of basic metal bending works.

1. Steel goffered sheet rolling:

profile - С10
L max 9m

2. Metal sheet bending:

б = 0,5mm - 10,0mm

3.Works over profile bending machine:

1) Angle bending:

edge outside – profile dim. 25х25 - 90х90

2) Channel bar bending:

leg inside - profile dim. No.5 - No.20
leg outside - profile dim. No.5 - No.20

3) I-beam bending:

along the plane - profile dim. No.10 - No.20
on edge - profile dim. No.14

4) Pipe bending:

circular pipe - profile dim. Ду 15 -  Дн114
shaped pipe - profile dim. 20х20 - 120х60

5) Strip bending:

Strip rolled along the plane max. 150х35
Strip rolled on edge max. 120х20

6) Square steel bars bending max. 60х60

7) Round steel bars bending max. Ф 70

Bending. Rolling.
Bending. Rolling.
Bending. Rolling.
Bending. Rolling.
Bending. Rolling.
Bending. Rolling.


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