Machine workshop

Machine workshop

Our company disposes of the powerful machine workshop and of the highly qualified staff. There are not so many companies that may provide a wide range of the machine treatment. We nevertheless can perform numerous and various machine works ant treatment. All company’s capacities are accumulated at one site, so you will not have to deliver your order to different companies. Our quality is always high and our prices are always reasonable. Kyiv (044) 201-61-08.

Machine workshop
Machine workshop
Machine workshop
Machine workshop
Machine workshop
Machine workshop

See below the list of basic capacities of our machine workshop.



Machine workshop
  • 1. Turning Works:


    Ф max = 1000 mm.
    Ф mіn =       1 mm.
    L max = 6000 mm.

    We can manufacture:
    Shifts, gauges, pulleys, smaller parts, clutches etc.

    2. Grinding Works:

    •     guillotine-type knife grinding
    •     knife disc grinding
    •     matrix grinding
    •     punch knife grinding
    •     gauge grinding
    •     machine top grinding etc 

    1) External circular grinding

    Ф max - 310 mm
    Ф min -    40 mm
    L max = 700 mm

    2) Internal grinding

    Ф max - 250 mm
    Ф min -    50 mm.
    L max -  300 mm

    3) Flat grinding

    Working range - 600х2000 mm.


Machine workshop
  • 3. Milling Works

    Working range 500х1400 mm Prefabricated part height 500

    We can perform:

    •     engineering parts milling
    •     groove milling
    •     key slot milling etc

    4. Gear Hobbing Works

    module 1-10
    Ф max = 500 mm
    Ф mіn =  40 mm

    •     gear wheel manufacturing
    •     star wheel manufacturing

    5. Mortising Works

    Key slot mortising
    Any kind of key slot, where the slot max. length 200 mm

    6. Drilling Works

    7. Mechanical Assembling Works


    Engineering mechanisms and units manufacturing, assemblage and adjustment..

Machine workshop

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25 years

On the European market of production and wholesale sales of metal.


All products are certified and meet all quality standards.


Best price guarantee from the manufacturer for wholesale buyers.


Delivery in Ukraine and Europe.

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