LLC "SavVATS" provides the services connected with the metal shotblasting. This technique includes any surface treatment that uses the abrasive dispersed with a strong jet of water, compressed air etc.

The shotblasting treats the surface with a fast flow of abrasive material. It provides the high-quality cleaning of various constructions, metal surfaces etc..

Shot blasting

Our company provides the shotblasting as a multipurpose cleaning technique that assures: 

• rust and slug removal;
• old painting removal;
• surface roughening;
• treated surface delustering;
• rust centers removal;
• unbound particles removal from the concrete surface.


The metal shotblasting improves the quality of the decorative coating on the treated surfaces. This technique is a compulsory stage of the metal structure anticorrosion protection. Iron or steel shot providing a simple and careful removal of slug and rust residues from the surface is used. Metal shotblasting is the best alternative for treatment of cement, metal, stone, brick constructions etc. It considerably improves the service life of metal products. The shotblasting also creates the textured surface and removes unevenness (slug, chips etc).
Our company guarantees the high quality and timely execution of shotblasting works. LLC "SavVATS" is a time-tested reliability. 

What can our company offer? Our professionals perform shotblasting of metal and metal constructions, including: 

• flat metal and metal construction surfaces,
• small molded parts,
• large molded parts.

We also provide the services of anticorrosion coating application and anticorrosion protection of:

• small flat and 3D constructions,
• large flat and 3D constructions.

Our company guarantees the high quality and timely execution of shotblasting works. LLC "SavVATS" is a time-tested reliability.


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