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Metal roll and pipe cutting

Metal roll and pipe cutting

The company offers pipe cutting and metal cutting services. Affordable metal prices. Metal corners, pipes, circle, channel, beam, square, strip, sheet, rolled steel, strip at affordable prices

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Pipe Cutting | Cutting metal | Metal cutting Kyiv - SavVATS Company


Metal layout, namely pipe cutting, is the one among the services provided by LLC "SavVATS". We offer cutting of various shapes of metal, e.g.: angle, channel bar, beams, round bars, sheet, strip, square bar etc.


The cutting is usually performed by manual method or by gas cutting, by means of electric hand tools or over stationary machines, with a cutting shear device, guillotine or automated plasma cutting. If you need a metal pipe of a certain length to be cut into the parts of the set length, contact "SavVATS". Our professionals will manage this task quickly, at reasonable price and meeting all quality standards.


This technique is often called “true to size cutting”. And the required size is preset at this (generally – a pipe length). To perform the true to size pipe cutting the required pipe length is measured with a tape and the layout is made. After that the cutting tool is directed to the marked place. The tools used for the pipe cutting may be manual or electrical. The pipe may be cut at a right angle or else any other angle.


Among the most promising and up-to-date techniques the laser cutting shall be mentioned, which we often use when executing our orders, no matter the treated parts complexity, when the traditional mechanical treatment is impossible. This technique enables ferrous/aluminum/stainless steel profile and pipe cutting, as well as practically any customized layout. We manufacture strips on the up-to-date equipment by means of longitudinal cutting of a galvanized steel (or any other metal) sheet of 4mm max. thickness.


The list of indisputable advantages of the pipe laser cutting includes:

•smooth slots and bores, free from any residual deformation;
•thin-walled pipe cutting;
•further template-free element layout, without any additional assistance due to various connections and slots use;
•high accuracy of the manufactured parts, improving the ready products quality.

Metal cutting and layout is among our professional competences. Just call us!


We provide pipe and metal rolls cutting (layout)

1. Angle cutting:

- angle gas cutting - profile dim. 20х20 - 250х250
- angle press-shear cutting - profile dim. 20х20 - 75х75
- angle band-saw cutting - profile dim. 20х20 - 250х250


2. Pipe cutting:

- pipe gas cutting  - profile dim. 20 - 478
- pipe cutting machine - profile dim. 20 - 76
- pipe band-saw cutting - profile dim. 20 - 150х150 


3. Round steel bar cutting:

- round steel bar gas cutting  - max.Ф 120mm 
- round steel bar band-saw cutting - max.Ф 600mm


4. Channel bar cutting:

- channel bar gas cutting  - max.No.30
- channel bar band-saw cutting – max.No.30


5. Beam cutting: 

- beam gas cutting  - max.No.70
- beam band-saw cutting - max.No.70


6. Square steel bar cutting: 

- square steel bar gas cutting  - max.30х30mm
- square steel bar band-saw cutting - max.30х30mm


7. Strip cutting:

- strip gas cutting  - max.150х35mm
- strip band-saw cutting - max.150х35mm
- strip press-shear cutting  - max.75х5mm


8. Sheet cutting: 

- sheet gas cutting  - 4mm – 130mm
- sheet guillotine cutting 0,4mm – 20mm
- sheet thermal cutting 8мм – 200mm
- sheet automated plasma cutting 1mm – 8mm


9. Strip cutting of rolled metal:

- strip thickness 0,45 – 5,0mm
- roll width max. 1400mm
- roll weight  max. 13ton


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