Metal lamp poles (steel poles)

Lamp poles are widely used for road, path, street, yard, parking places, play ground and sport ground, tennis court, warehouse territory, bridge and other places illumination. The lamp pole market currently offers a wide variety of options suitable for the most demanding customers.

Lamp poles are manufactured of steel, reinforced concrete, aluminum and other alloys. We must note that the steel poles are especially popular among the Ukrainian customers.

Steel lamp poles can serve as a very good alternative to heavy poles made of reinforced concrete, as well as to expensive aluminum decorative poles. Steel poles are usually light, so the installation of the steel construction to the maximal height of seven meters requires no supplementary lifting mechanisms. This fact shall speed up the installation process and minimize the expenditures for the lamp pole installation.

The modern steel lamp poles have an attractive look and simultaneously a very strong structure of galvanized (ungalvanized) steel, assuring a due condition and qualitative characteristics during a long time of operation.

  • Steel flange poles (on anchor basis)
    Steel flange poles (on anchor basis)
    Steel flange poles provide the outdoor illumination of the streets, roads, paths, parking places, yards etc. They are installed on the anchor basket and fastened with nuts.
  • Erect steel poles (installed into soil)
    Erect steel poles (installed into soil)
    This type of poles is purposed for the outdoor illumination of the yards, streets, roads, paths, parking places etc. They shall be mounted directly into soil without any anchor frame.