Our products

  • Rapidly erected buildings (REBs)
    Rapidly erected buildings (REBs)
    Advantages of our REBs: We can manufacture about 6000 ton of the frame structures per year. We produce the projects of КМ (metal constructions) and КЖ (reinforced constructions) marks. We perform the full-cycle jobs. We provide the customized solutions with consideration of all requirements, finances and terms. We install the finished frame structures.
  • Metal lamp poles (steel poles)
    Metal lamp poles (steel poles)
    The steel poles produced by LLC "SavVATS” are made from the hot-rolled pipes. The steel poles are used for road, path, street, yard, parking places, play ground and sport ground, tennis court, warehouse territory and bridge illumination.
  • Welded I-beams
    Welded I-beams
    Metal constructions made of welded I-beams are very suitable when used in construction of buildings and structures. The welded I-beams are mainly used in the metal building constructions erected as frameworks of various industrial buildings.
  • Containers for mortar
    Containers for mortar
    Own-produced containers for mortar - 0,1 m3.