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Crane Trestle Reconstruction (Mariupol)

1.The total weight of metal constructions: 450 ton.

The crane trestle reconstruction in Mariupol is implementation of the project of the covering metal construction erection. The building includes three bays of 24m, to the maximal length 88m. The column design: singlestep columns, longitudinal space - 12 m. The maximal height to the bottom of the covering bearing structures - 15.8 m. The three bays of the building are equipped with cranes of loading capacity 20 ton.




2. Design concepts.


The building frame consists of the columns rigidly mounted with the foundation, and of the erection trusses pin-supported on the columns. The ledgers made of hot-rolled channel bars bearing the covering goffered sheets are supported by the covering trusses.
The lateral stability of the building is assured thanks to the total operation on horizontal loads of the flat-topped frames, consisting of the columns rigidly restrained in the foundation and pin-connected with the roof truss; while the longitudinal load is guaranteed by the total operation of the vertical interconnections. The vertical and horizontal connections provide the geometry control during the construction installation as well. The building designed shape stability is provided by the covering rigid disc consisting of the covering goffered sheets connected with ledgers.

The column design: longitudinal welded pipes and welded I-beams.
The roof truss columns design: twin angles together with twin roll-formed channel bars.
The ledgers, horizontal connections over the covering, and vertical connection design: roll-formed metal angles and channel bars.



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