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Permanent formwork H114

Permanent formwork H114

Buy corrugated sheet H114 in Kyiv. Manufacturer and supplier of permanent formwork H114 SavVATS. The main load-bearing roofing material for industrial buildings and structures, permanent formwork for reinforced concrete floors instead of slabs. Wholesale and retail supplies of profiled sheet for construction, repair, metal structures, etc. Delivery across Kiev and all over Ukraine. We are manufacturer and wholesale and retail supplier of corrugated sheet H114 (permanent formwork). Permanent availability of corrugated sheets in any quantity in our company's warehouse, as well as production according to the individual needs of the client.

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Buy corrugated sheet H114 in Kyiv

SavVATS Ukraine is a reliable and proven manufacturer of H114 bearing corrugated sheet. Certified steel, modern equipment and quality control in production - ensures a high level of quality and a low manufacturer's price for the entire range of load-bearing corrugated sheet. Corrugated steel H114 is widely used in construction and guarantees the structure a high level of stability. Profiled sheet H114 or permanent formwork is one of the most demanded roofing materials on the market of Kyiv and Ukraine. In our company you can buy and order H114 profiled sheet according to your individual parameters, thanks to your own production facilities and logistics service, you can save up to 30% of the market value.


Profiled sheet H114 – it's a profiled sheet with corrugation height 114 mm. From the family of bearing corrugated board, this standard size is considered one of the strongest, as its height tells us about it.

Permanent formwork H114

We produce this standard size of corrugated sheet only from galvanized steel with a maximum thickness of 1 mm.

Unlike the GOST profiled sheet, the sheet produced by SavVATS has an additional bulge on the vertical walls of the cross-section.

This gave the SavVATS profiled sheet two advantages:

  • The vertical wall of the section has become thicker and more stable, which means that the entire sheet has acquired an increased bearing capacity. (in common parlance, strength)

  • When it used as a permanent formwork, profiled sheet hold onto the hardened concrete floor, preventing it from flaking and forming unnecessary cavities.

Drawings of the difference between corrugated sheets below

Cross-section of the profiled sheet H114 according to GOST

Permanent formwork H114

Cross-section of profiled sheet H114 with additional corrugations for use as permanent ceiling formwork.

Permanent formwork H114

Profiled sheet H114 advantages:

  • Concrete saving up to 30% and, accordingly, lightens the weight on walls and foundations

  • Convenient for machining and installation

  • Can be used without cranes (from 2 to 4 people)

  • Has high bearing capacity

  • Speeds up the construction process at many times

Areas of use

It is used for the installation of non-standard, non-rectangular floors. It is used to replace the wooden floors of old buildings, including during the restoration of historical buildings.

It is used as the main load-bearing roofing material for industrial buildings and structures with a small number of purlins or without them, or as a permanent formwork for reinforced concrete floors instead of reinforced concrete slabs.

Corrugated sheet Н114 600 technical characteristics

Coating Thickness Usable width Total width Length Theor. weight of 1 sq.m./kg
Zinc 0,7 mm 600 mm 663 mm up to 13 m 10,55
Zinc 0,8 mm 600 mm 663 mm up to 13 m 12,06
Zinc 0,9 mm 600 mm 663 mm up to 13 m 13,58
Zinc 1 mm 600 mm 663 mm up to 13 m 15,08

Corrugated sheet Н114 price

The price of profiled sheet H114 is influenced by such factors as metal thickness and volume

Size Actual thickness Price up to 100 sq.m.
per 1 sq.m.
Price up to 500 sq.m.
per 1 sq.m. 
Price from 500 sq.m.
per 1 sq.m. 
Theor. weight
of 1 sq.m./kg
Н114 х 0.7 х 663 0,70 mm 359,20 UAH 348,42 UAH 341,24 UAH 10,55
Н114 х 0.8 х 663 0,80 mm 386,18 UAH 374,59 UAH 366,87 UAH 12,06
Н114 х 0.9 х 663 0,90 mm 422,50 UAH 409,83 UAH 401,38 UAH 13,58
Н114 х 1 х 663 1 mm  -  -  - 15,08

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Buy Permanent formwork H114

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Corrugated sheet H114 - application

This corrugated board is a general-purpose building material and can be used in many areas. Often, corrugated board h114 is used for: floors with a pitch of up to 6 m, elements of metal structures, elements of prefabricated buildings, for roofs, during the construction and installation of permanent formwork, for shield fences and structures, as fences and walls. Production, wholesale and retail supply of H114 profiled sheet is one of the core areas of our company. We guarantee the constant availability of corrugated sheet in warehouses in Kyiv, Mariupol, Melitopol, Mykolayiv, to order a corrugated sheet, call our sales department or leave a request for a free consultation on our website.