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Accessories for corrugated sheet fences and roofs. Fasteners, strips, screws, trim elements for corrugated sheets. SavVATS Ltd. offers custom manufacturing of accessories and components for corrugated steel sheets. Among the products offered for roof installation- different models of trims (sill, corner, ridge, end). Accessories for corrugated sheets. Buy accessories for corrugated sheet roofs and fences in Kyiv. Trims for corrugated sheet fences: ridge caps, hip caps, snow guards, rake trims, outside angle trim.

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Buy accessories for corrugated sheeting in Kyiv


Accessories for corrugated sheets

Custom manufacturing

The main list of trims often used in roofing installation:

• Ridge cap;

• Hip cap;

• Snow guard;

• Rake trim;

• Sill trim;

• Eave trim;

• Outside angle trim.

Ridge cap - used as roofing element.

Ridge is an important element in roof assembly, set atop roofing materials to protect the junction of roof edges.

Hip cap - used as roofing element.

As ridge cap used in roof assembly, set atop roofing materials to protect the junction of roof edges.

Snow guard - used as roofing element.

Mounted on top of roofing materials. It is used to prevent from snow falling from the buildings roof surface.

Rake trim - used as roofing element.

Used for roof sheathing at the bottom edge of the roof.

Sill trim - used as a finishing element for window openings.

Window sill trim is installed at the bottom of the window opening and thus gives the facade of the building an aesthetic appearance.

Outside angle trim - used as an profiled sheet fences finighing element.

Outside angle trim can be installed at the top and bottom of the corrugated sheet fence. This closing the ends of the corrugated board, giving it a more noble appearance.

Also, from us you can order a lot of other custom finishing elements of different forms.

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