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Steel packing strip

Steel packing strip

Here you can buy self-manufactured galvanized steel packing strip - available sizes 20x0.45 and 20x0.6+0.63. Main advantages and pricing policy. Strip is used for packing goods in various industries.

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Galvanized steel packing strip produced by SavVATS Ltd. is the most reliable packing material. It's difficult to find a replacement for it in many fields of application. Due its resistance to chopping impacts by various sharp objects, steel packing strip characteristics significantly surpasses similar parameters of other types of strips. Pulling force of the metal packing strip is optimal among other similar materials. Among the main advantages, galvanized steel packaging strip is significantly superior to wire as a packaging material due to the fact that after its use no dents remain.

Steel packing strip

Steel strip price

You can buy galvanized steel strip from us at the price:

  • 20x0,45 - from 19 000 UAH per ton;

  • 20х0,6+0,63 - from 19 000 UAH per ton.

Galvanized steel packing strip application scope

When strapping goods carried out with a metal strip there are used structurally not complicated, inexpensive, simple and reliable tools and equipment. Highly qualified personnel is not required for the application of the steel packing strip. A significant advantage of the metal packaging strip in comparison with PET tape is its use in any climatic conditions, in contrast to PET tape, the use of which at low temperatures is problematic. In cold conditions, the efficiency of connecting PET tape with the use of hand tools is low. Steel packing strip produced by Savvats Ltd. is devoid of the indicated drawback - it can be used in unheated rooms, outdoors during the cold season and in the presence of other unfavorable operating conditions.

Steel packing strip

Advantages and disadvantages of strip

If it isn't possible to use polyester or polypropylene packing tapes, metal strip is used. For example, if the package has sharp edges or high temperature, metal strip is the only solution. With the help of a steel packing strip, heavy and extra-heavy loads are tied for storage or for harsh transportation conditions. High-strength packing metal strip is ideal for tying glazing, pallets with paper and other materials, as well as metal products (pipes), ingots, rebars, L-profiles, building materials (including bricks, stone, roofing materials, foam blocks). It is used for packaging wood and lumber, plywood, furniture, fiberboard and chipboard, for joining pallets, coils and boxes. Steel packing strip will secure cargo on platforms, in holds, etc. By the way, the current standards regulate the transportation of some goods only with the option of fastening with a steel strip.

Despite the obvious advantages of this packaging material, metal strip has its drawbacks. So, in the process of transporting cargo, there are shocks and shaking, due to which the steel strip is deformed (lengthened) and the strength of the packaging fastening decreases. Strong metal strip, when subjected to strong shock loading, is not able to withstand impacts and increases the possibility of rupture. Steel packing strips are characterized by low resistance to moisture and other aggressive environments. Under unfavorable conditions, the possibility of corrosion is high, and then the rusty metal strip can dirty the goods. The use of galvanized metal strip produced by Savvats Ltd. eliminates this disadvantage. In addition, safety precautions should be followed when handling the strip due to the risk of injury when removing the steel strip from unpacking loads.

We offer galvanized metal packing strip with dimensions 20x0.45 and 20x0.6+0.63, used for packing goods in construction, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, heavy industry and other areas. After all, such packaging material optimally combines a low price and simple requirements for packaging technology. If the packaging of goods is carried out for export, then the metal strip is regulated as a mandatory element, spelled out in the international standards that regulate export operations. This is ensures the safety of the transported cargo.

Connection features of the packing steel strip

The ends of the galvanized metal packing strip are connected by using self-tightening locks with tape holes, or metal seals (staples) using the rouletting technology. Manual (mechanical or pneumatic) tools or automatic packing machines are used to join the metal strips. With the help of the latter case, you can quickly and efficiently pack cargo.

Steel packing strip

Strips (steel packing tape) is the best option for tying transport packages made of pipes, foam blocks, rebars, bricks, lumber, glazings, furniture, and is also used to strengthen the boxes, etc. Metal strap is made from low carbon steel, coated with a special anticorrosion varnish and wax to ensure high strength of the strapping and increase the service life.

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