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Square steel bars

Square steel bars

Buy square steel bars in Kyiv. Service metal centre SavVATS it's a manufacturer and supplier of steel square bars. In the production of our metal square bar, we use only tested and certified steel. You can place an order for a metal square bar online or by phone, order delivery in Kiev, region, Ukraine, or order self-delivery from the SavVATS warehouse. We produce hot-rolled steel square bars according to DSTU and GOST. We produce rolled bars with a square side from 10 to 30 mm.

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Steel square bars in Kyiv

Production, sale and supply of a square steel (metal) bars from the manufacturer SavVATS in Ukraine. Production of ferrous metal products it's one of the specialized work areas of our service metal center. Modern equipment, proven raw materials, quality control of production - all these factors guarantee for our customers quality products. Steel square bar can be used in construction, metal structures and in reinforced concrete structures. You can buy a steel square bar from us by ordering delivery in Kiev and Ukraine, as well as ordering self-pickup from our warehouse in Kiev.

Hot-rolled steel square bars (GOST 2591-88)

Square steel bars. Square steel bar is used as a blank for further processing into long product and shaped rolling, as well as for the manufacture of various machine parts (shafts, spindles, pushers, plungers, bushings, axles).

Square steel bars

Square steel bars according to GOST 2591-88 This standard applies to hot-rolled steel square bars with side size from 6 to 200 mm. Steel square bars with a side size more than 200 mm is manufactured by agreement with the consumer.

Steel square bars are distinguished by accuracy:

  • B - increased accuracy;

  • C - standard accuracy

Side sizes, cross-sectional area and weight of 1 m of steel square bars in the table below

Square steel with a size of 5 mm and above is produced in rods, with a size of less than 5 mm - in coils.

Square bar mass (GOST 2591-88)

Side size, а, mm Mass of 1m, kg Meters per ton
10 0.785 1273.9
12 1.13 885
14 1.54 649.4
16 2.01 497.5
18 2.54 393.7
20 3.14 318.5
22 - on order 3.8 263.2
23 - on order 4.15 241
23 - on order 4.15 241
24 - on order 4.52 221.3
25 - on order 4.91 203.7
26 - on order 5.3 188.7
27 - on order 5.72 174.8
28 - on order 6.15 162.6
29 - on order 6.6 151.5
30 - on order 7.06 141.6

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Steel square bars: sizes, prices

Very often, a steel square bar is used as a blank for further use, depending on the needs of the client, but also a metal square bar can be used as an independent unit in construction, metal structures, etc. We manufacture and sell steel square bars of various standard sizes, but the most popular range of steel squares among our clients is with side size from 10 to 30 mm. You can buy a steel square bars in unlimited volumes from us, this products are popular and always available in our warehouses. To place an order for a steel square bar - call the SavVATS sales department or leave a request on the website and our manager will contact you.