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Square pipes

Square pipes

Buy square steel pipes from the manufacturer. Square, rectangular, galvanized pipes. All standard sizes, certified steel, delivery across Kyiv and Ukraine. Square and rectangular pipes at affordable prices. Our pipes are the best choice for the manufacture of various metal structures. We are manufacturer, according to this we can offer the best prices for square pipes in Kyiv and Ukraine. In our warehouses in Kyiv, Mariupol, Melitopol, Mykolayiv a huge range of metal products, including square pipes, always available with delivery to all regions of Ukraine.

You can place an order or find out the cost and assortment and buy profile pipes in Kiev by calling

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Square pipes in Kyiv

We are a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of square steel pipes in Kyiv and Ukraine. You can buy the following standard sizes of a square pipe from us: 15х15, 20х20, 25х25, 30х30, 40х40, 50х50, 60х60, 80х40, 60х40, 60х30, 50х30, 50х25, 40х25, 40х20, 30х20. This is the most common and popular standard sizes of square pipes, which are most often bought and ordered by our customers. You can also order square pipe with custom size. Thanks to modern equipment, qualified personnel and the constant availability of high-quality raw materials (metal), we can make the most complex orders for the production of square pipes in the shortest possible time. Our own railway line and vehicles guarantee a convenient and fast delivery of square steel pipes in Kyiv and Ukraine. On our rolled metal warehouse there is a huge range of metal products with a guarantee of the best price for regular customers and partners.

    • Square pipe

    • Rectangular pipe

Products at an affordable price

Square pipes offered by SavVATS company are always available in various sizes at an affordable price. Square pipes are highly popular among our customers. It is used in the installation of building frames, in various supports and masts, metal structures, etc.

Square pipes

Structures using square and rectangular pipes are able to withstand significant mechanical and vibration loads. They are also used in simpler cases, for example, for pillars and fences.

Square pipes are manufactured in accordance with the GOST 13663-86 standards. Depending on the manufacturing technology, the pipe is divided into:

    • seamless cold formed,

    • seamless hot formed,

    • electric-welded,

    • electric-welded cold formed.

We have a large range of rolled pipes (sizes in the table below), which are widely used in various industries: mechanical engineering, construction, during repairs, etc.

SavVATS offer square pipes with sizes from 20x20 mm to 100x100 mm. We also offer rectangular pipes with sizes from 30x20 mm to 120x80 mm. This type of square pipe is used in the construction of sports grounds and stadiums, warehouses, shopping malls, lifts, bridges, as well as in the construction of tall buildings and cranes.

SavVATS company specialists offer cutting of products on order.

The cost of a square pipe is depend on the cross-sectional diameter and the material from which the products are made. By purchasing products from us, you get the optimal price for high quality products (we can offer discounts for wholesale orders), which is significantly superior to similar products of our rivals.

You can place an order, clarify the cost and buy square pipes in Kiev by calling tel. (044) 201-61-11, (096) 21-28-228.

In accordance with the type, pipes must comply with GOST standards:

    • rectangular pipes (GOST 8645-68);

    • square pipes (GOST 8639-82);

    • oval pipes (GOST 8642-68).

Our square pipe manufactured according to the current GOST standards with the following dimensions:

    • rectangular steel pipe with a sizes from 15x10mm (28x25mm) to 180x150mm (230x170mm) mm and with thickness from 1 to 12 mm (from 1.5 to 20 mm) (in brackets - parameters of special sizes);

    • square pipe with sizes from 10 to 180 (from 32 to 65) mm and with thickness from 1 to 14 mm (from 4 to 6 mm) (in brackets - parameters of special sizes);

    • oval pipe with sizes from 6x3mm (17x6.6mm) to 90x50mm (72x22mm) and thickness from 0.5 to 2.5 (from 1 to 1.7) mm (in brackets - parameters of special sizes).

According to GOST requirements, pipes are produced in the following lengths:

measured length:

    • from 4.5m to 11.0m - for seamless cold formed pipes;

    • from 4.0m to 12.5m - for seamless hot-rolled pipes;

    • from 5.0m to 9.0m - for electric-welded pipes.

unmeasured length:

    • from 1.5m to 9.0m - for seamless cold formed or electric-welded pipes;

    • from 4.0m to 12.5m - for seamless hot-rolled pipes.

multiple measured length with 5 mm allowance for each cut:

    • from 1.5m to 11.0m - for seamless cold formed pipes;

    • from 4.0m to 12.5m - for seamless hot-rolled pipes.

Manufactured from the following steel grades:

    • electric-welded pipes (C10E, S275JR, S275JO, S235JR, C22E);

    • hot-rolled and cold formed pipes (C10E, DC01, C22E, C35E, C45E).

The range of products we offer:

1. Square pipes (GOST 8639-82)

This standard applies to steel seamless hot-rolled and cold formed, electric-welded and electric-welded cold formed pipes. Most often, square pipe is used for the manufacture of metal structures.

Shapes and dimensions of square pipes must correspond to the sizes in the table below:

Size, mm, А*А Thickness, S , mm Mass of 1 m, kg Meters per ton
20*20 2 1,2 833,4
25*25 2 1,5 666,7
30*30 2 1,52 586,9
40*40 2 2,5 400
3,55 281,7
50*50 2 3,25 307,7
4,3 232,2
60*60 2 3,8 263,2
3 5,5 190,5
80*80 3 7,5 133,3
9,7 107,2
100*100 3 9,1 105,3
11,7 87,0

2. Steel rectangular pipes (GOST 8645-68)

This standard applies to seamless steel hot-rolled, cold formed and electric-welded pipes. As well as square pipes, rectangular pipe is used for the manufacture of metal structures.

Steel rectangular pipes parameters (GOST 8645-68):

Size, mm, А*В Thickness, S , mm Mass of 1 m, kg Meters per ton
30*20 2 1,52 657,9
40*20 2 1,95 512,8
40*25 2 2,15 465,1
50*25 2 2,5 400,0
50*30 2 2,58 387,6
3 3,5
60*30 2 2,9 344,8
3 4 250
60*40 2 3,2 312,5
3 4,4 227,3
80*40 2 3,8 263,2
3 5,83 171,6
80*60 3 6,55 152,7
100*50 3 7,2 138,9
100*60 3 7,5 133,3

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SavVATS Kyiv - profile square pipe manufacturer. Here you can buy a profile square pipe with delivery across Kyiv, region and all over Ukraine. Due to our own production and rolled metal products warehouse in Kyiv, we can offer the best prices for the full range of square pipes in Kyiv. All our products meet high quality standards. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of square pipes for your construction, steel structures or for sale in your retail network, you are on the right track. SavVATS Ukraine it's a reliable contractor for the production and supply of square steel pipes. All standard sizes, high-quality steel, affordable prices, photos, price list, reviews, convenient logistics - all this is the sale of profile pipes in SavVATS Kyiv.

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In SavVATS Service Metal Center in Kyiv, you can order and buy a rectangular pipe in any quantity with delivery. Fast production, constant availability in warehouses, delivery on the same day of order, the highest quality of the square pipe - these are just some of the advantages that we offer to our customers. Our assortment of profile pipes includes: square, rectangular, galvanized pipes, etc.