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Cold-rolled sheets (steel sheets)

Steel cold-rolled sheets (GOST 19904-90)
Steel cold-rolled sheets are used for manufacturing of the construction structures, cases of various devices, and as covering material for heat insulation of pipelines equipment located both indoors and outdoors.
The cited GOST defines the parameters of sheet metal of width of cold-rolled sheets beginning from 500 mm and more. Such sheet metal is delivered as sheets of thickness 0,35 mm … 5,00 mm or in rolls 0,35 mm … 3,50 mm.
Metal sheets classification:
by flatness (sheet metal): normal (ПН), improved (ПУ), high (ПВ), especially high (ПО);
by accuracy of manufacturing:
by thickness: normal (БТ), increased (АТ), high (ВТ);
by length (for steel sheets except for sheet by sheet rolling): normal (БД), increased (АД), high (ВД);
by width: normal (БШ), increased (АШ), high (ВШ) (sheet metal).
by form of edge: sheared edge(О), mill edge (НО).
Weight of one square meter meets the provisions of GOST 19904-90
Thickness S, mm 0,8 1 1,2 1,5 2
Weight of 1 square meter of sheets, kg 6,4 8 9,6 12 16

Steel hot-rolled sheets

Steel hot-rolled sheets (GOST 19903-74)

Steel hot-rolled sheets are hot-rolled steel in sheets of minimal width 500 mm (steel sheets have the thickness 0,40 … 160 mm) or in rolls (the thickness varies from 1,2 mm to 12 mm). Such sheets are used in production of straight-line-seam electric-welded pipes or in production of roll-formed profiles. It is also used in construction as material stock in metal structures production. The sheets are suitable for welding when manufacturing fragments and parts of boilers and vessels operated under pressure at room, increased or decreased temperatures.

For convenience sheet steel can be classified:

  •     by accuracy of rolling (max. thickness 12 mm): normal (Б) or increased accuracy (А);
  •     by flatness: high flatness  (ПВ), normal (ПН), improved (ПУ) or especially high flatness (ПО);
  •     by form of edge: mill edge (НО) or sheared edge (О).

Weight of one square meter of steel sheet meets the provisions of GOST 19904-90 and GOST 19903-74

Thickness S, mm 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Weight of 1 square meter of sheets, kg 16 24 32 40 48 62,8 78,5 94,2 109,9 125,6 141,3 160

Corrugated sheets (sheet metal)

Stainless corrugated sheet (lenticular) usually comes of rhombic or rhomboid design. It is used as wall covering or floor covering. The thickness of a sheet defines the area of its use. Thus, stainless steel sheets corrugated as a thin sheet (of 3 mm thickness) are used for civil structures, while the bigger thickness – in industrial objects.

The main purpose of stainless corrugated sheets is to avoid sliding when walking – it is used as an antiskid covering. Such products are very often used as escalator steps, floor covering and to increase the stairs strength.

Steel sheet of rhombic and lenticular corrugation of general purpose manufactured by LLC "SavVATS" meets GOST 8568-77. We supply such products one-side corrugated in sheets and rolls. The riffles on sheets have the minimal height 0,5 mm (usually 0,2 - 0,3 of the sheet base thickness).

Size of rhomb diagonal in sheets is usually within the limits 25х60 mm to 30х70 mm. The manufacturer arranges the location of main rhomb diagonals along and crosswise the sheet, as well as riffle configuration. Sheet with lenticular corrugation usually has the distance between riffles of 20, 25 or 30 mm.

Carbon steel with chemical composition meeting GOST 380 is used for production of steel sheets with corrugation А-1-ПВ-StЗсп (killed)2-6х600х6000 TV 14-2-818-88 with rolled edge and single sided corrugation. Riffles on strip have the 1,5 mm height, and they are arranged at the distance of 40 mm from the side edge. Steel sheets can have the width between 600 and 2200 mm and the length between 1400 and 8000 mm (pitch is 50 mm).

We can produce corrugated sheets of other sizes by agreement with customer.

LLC "SavVATS" can manufacture at the customer’s wish the corrugated sheets of required variations (by length): fixed length with a balance not exceeding 10% of the weight of lot; fixed or random length; multiple fixed length with a remainder not exceeding 10% of the weight of a lot. The remainder means the sheet metal of the length within random length, which is left when cutting metal into fixed lengths and multiple of fixed lengths. 

The thickness and the weight of 1 square meter of corrugated sheet (GOST 8568-77).

The thickness of sheet base S, mm Width of riffles base b, mm Weight of 1 square m, kg
Rhombic corrugation
2,5 5 21
3 5 25,1
4 5 33,5
5 5 41,8
Lenticular corrugation
3 4 24,2
4 4 32,2
5 5 40,5

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