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Rebars include the combination of interconnected elements and integrated into concrete (where metal rods are directly installed) in constructions on the basis of reinforced concrete. They take up tensile stresses inside metal (beam) or serve as “reinforcer” of concrete in the compressed area (in particular, in columns). This technology is widely used in construction because it ensures excellent results. The rebars elements can be rigid (particularly, angle, channel bar, rolling I-bar) or flexible (e.g., welded or tied nets/framework, and also, single rods of periodic/flat profile). Rebars can be manufactured on basis of glass-reinforced plastic, steel etc.

Hot-rolled steel for concrete constructions reinforcing

Rebar steel is used when erecting reinforced concrete constructions for the purpose to reinforce concrete in compressed areas. Such method is used most frequently for uniform distribution of tensile forces inside reinforced concrete construction. Due to the use of steel rebars as a reinforcing material, the significant increase of the building strength is available.

The term “reinforcement” means the strengthening of one material by means of mechanical integration with the other one. In particular, due to penetration of steel rebars into concrete or pressing of metal net inside glass.

LLC "SavVATS" offers high quality rebars – hot-rolled round steel with periodic and flat profiles, used for reinforcement of standard and prestressed reinforced concrete constructions. Rebar steel manufactured by "SavVATS" enables to increase the strength of construction material at the expense of penetration of durable rebars.

Rebar steel of periodic profile 
Rods with transverse riffles (lugs) arranged uniformly on metal surface are usually used. Corrugation is settled at a certain angle regarding longitudinal axis of rod, improving thus the connection with concrete.
Flat rebar steel
These are round not corrugated rods without with a flat surface improving coupling between concrete and metal.
Rebars for reinforced concrete products are manufacture in the special mechanized workshops. We guarantee high quality of steel being produced (meets Construction Norms and Rules III-15-76).
Depending on rod profiles and their colour (in particular, colours of their butts), the class of rebar steel is defined. Thus, rebar steel of the class A-I has a flat profile; the class А-II has a profile with transverse riffles arranged along helical line. Profiles of the steel of the classes А-III and A-IV are typical for riffles shaped as herring-bone. Ends of rods of rebar steel of the class A-IV are white. Steel of the class Aт-V is blue, the class Aт-VI is yellow, and the class Ат-VII is green.

LLC "SavVATS" offers rebars not only in Kyiv, but in other regions of Ukraine.

Profile number    Weight of 1 m of profile, kg Number of meters in 1 ton Cross sectional area, cm2
(nominal rod diameter), mm
6 0,222 4504,5 0,283
8 0,395 2531,65 0,503
10 0,617 1620,75 0,785
12 0,888 1126,13 1,131
14 1,21 826,45 1,54
16 1,58 632,91 2,01
18 2 500 2,54
20 2,47 404,86 3,14

Class and grade of steel being supplied:

Class of reinforcing steel Steel grade
Ат400С St3сп (killed),
St3пс (semi-killed)
Ат500С St5сп (killed),
St5пс (semi-killed)

Author: Iuriy Pavlovskiy

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