Metal rolls

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  • Rebars
    Rebars (reinforcing steel) used in reinforced concrete constructions are mainly installed to take a stretching force, as well as to reinforce the concrete in the compression areas of constructions.
  • I-beam
    The I-beam is a metal product used in concrete panel construction, industrial construction and civil engineering for roofing, column metal constructions, bridgework, supports and overhead rails.
  • Channel bars
    Channel bars
    Channel bars are used in the construction, bridgeworks and mechanical engineering as bearing supporting constructions.
  • Square steel bars
    Square steel bars
    Square steel bars are used as a prefabricated product for the further processing into rolled section steel and structural shapes, as well as to manufacture various parts of machines (shafts, spindles, push bars, plungers and bushes).
  • Round steel bars
    Round steel bars
    Round steel bars include the rolled steel used for the pipe manufacturing or for various parts manufacturing in the mechanical engineering.
  • Steel rolled sheets
    Steel rolled sheets
    Cold-rolled sheets • Hot-rolled sheets • Corrugated steel sheets
  • Strips
    General-purpose hot-rolled steel strips (GOST 103-76)
  • Circular pipes
    Circular pipes
    Pipes are used for water supply and gas supply systems, for heating systems and for metal construction manufacturing.
  • Shape pipes
    Shape pipes
    The true standard is used for steel seamless hot-deformed and cold-deformed pipes, as well as for electric-welded pipes and electric-welded cold-deformed pipes. These pipes are mainly used for the metal constructions production.
  • Angles
    Steel angle (L-bar) is one of the most extensively used construction materials. Steel angles are mainly used for metal constructions of various type and purpose.