Cut strip

Round edge cut strip                                                                                                                          Download price list
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Own-produced round edge cut strip. We manufacture cut strip from hot-rolled steel of various grades: standard quality carbon steel (С235-С275 GOST 27772-88), high quality structural steel (08кп (unkilled) GOST 1050-88) and alloyed structural steel (С325-345 GOST 27772-88) of 2 …6 mm thickness, within the wide range of dimensions. In comparison with the factory hot-rolled strip, our cut strip is of more precise dimensions, reducing significantly the weight of a running meter and therefore - the construction weight and pressure on the foundation. One more advantage of our cut strip is a very smooth surface saving the paint-and-lacquer coating consumption.

All distributed products are subject to thorough control, which enables to avoid many risk factors. We can provide Quality Certificate for each lot of products.

Width, mm, b Thickness, mm, а Length, m
30 … 200 2 … 5 Provided size


We perform cutting-to-length cutting and longitudinal cutting of rolles of 0.4… 5mm


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