Metal roll-formed angles

Metal equal-flange and unequal-flange roll-formed angles: GOST 19771-93 and GOST 9772-93

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уголок металлический гнутый - фото   

LLC "SavVATS" supplies the own-produced light roll-formed metal angles of various steel grades, including: alloyed structural steel (С325-345, GOST 27772-88), standard quality carbon steel (С235-С275, GOST 27772-88), quality structural steel (08кп (unkilled), GOST 1050-88) with the wall thickness: 2…5 mm. The range of dimensions varies from 25 to 150 mm, what may decrease significantly the weight of constructions and pressure on the foundation when erecting buildings and construction and enable up to 30% cost saving in comparison with the factory similar products
Angle is a rolled, extruded or roll-formed profile (is one of the basic elements of metal constructions). Angle is a beam of L-section, made of rolled steel (manufactured on tube mills from high quality structural steel). Materials for angle manufacturing are metal, plastic and various composites.
The scope of metal angles use is wide enough. It is especially popular as rigid reinforcement for strengthening of concrete structures (often in combination with other profiles: I-beam, channel bar etc) in constructions of monolithic high-rise frames buildings and in heavily-loaded and multi-span constructions.
We manufacture steel hot-rolled angles using roll-forming machine, where the stock material is formed by pressure giving it a required shape.
If you are going to use an angle as a bearing structure with a high metal tension, we recommend a steel hot-rolled angle. If the construction being erected has no high tension, but an increased accuracy is required, we recommend to refer to the components received after bending over the pressing machine.
"SavVATS" performs quick orders for steel roll-formed profiles manufacturing. Metal angle has a length which varies within 2 …12 m (we can perform a customized order of 12m length). It enables to exclude which enables to exclude wastage and costs for cutting saving your money and increasing your turnover. All metal products for sale are subject to thorough control. Quality certificate shall be enclosed to each lot of products.
Angles may have a high (B) and normal (Б) accuracy of manufacturing. Both low-alloyed steel of grades 09Г2, 12ГC, 14Г2 or 14XГС and aluminium floats can be used in angles manufacturing



See below the assortment of equal-flange roll-formed angles:

Dimension type, mm, b Length Thickness, mm, s

from 25х25 
to 150х150

in dimension
to 12м
  равнополочный гнутый уголок металлический


The stock of constantly available equal-flange and unequal-flange roll-formed angles:

Dimension type mm, b  Thickness mm, s  Dimension type mm, b Thickness mm, s
25*25 2; 2.5 70*70 3; 4
30*30 2; 2.5 90*90 4
32*32 2; 2.5 100*100 5
35*35 2; 2.5 40*25 2
40*40 2; 2.5 45*28 3
45*45 2; 2.5 60*30 4
50*50 2.5; 3 75*50 3
60*60 3; 4 90*70 3


The company may also manufacture other customized dimension type roll-formed angles.

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