Road protective barriers

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Metal road protective fences of barrier type are located along all modern motorways providing the safe road traffic.

Road protective barriers (or else curved bar, wheel guard device…) are intended to prevent the vehicle going out of the perimeter of a roadside or a bridge, and to prevent the traffic strip crossing. Reinforced concrete, metal or plastic are used for barrier fences.

LLC "SavVATS" distributes the own-produced road protective barriers of metal barrier type: 11ДО (one-side road protective barriers), 11ДД (double-side road protective barriers); 11МО (one-side bridge protective barriers) and 11МД (double-side bridge protective barriers) according to GOST 26804-86. We manufacture these products both with a special (priming or galvanized) anti-corrosion coating and without it.

Our company produces road protective barriers on the up-to-date equipment. All products supplied by "SavVATS", comply with Euro standards. Taking into account the customer needs we also launched the production of road protective barrier poles of sigma profile, including road protective barrier sections of "А" and "В" profiles etc.

Such road protective barriers can be supplied with related elements: e.g. barrier railings, nonstandard end elements, passing elements of road protective barrier sections etc. We are ready supply not only standard constructions, but the customized products as well – in correspondence with the attached drawings.

All material (metal) used in our products manufacturing undergo the thorough control in order to exclude many risk factors. Our company provides a quality certificate for each lot of products. 

Places where the products by LLC "SavVATS" are used:

    Road protective barriers on Stolichne highway,
    Bridge crossing on Moskovska Square,
    Podil bridge crossing on the embankment,
    Kyiv-Chop highway,
    Kharkiv-Simferopol highway,
    Odesa-Kherson-Melitopol highway.

Our company has won the bidding and supplied to Latvia more than 500 ton of barrier railings and bridge barriers meeting all European standards.

We developed an attractive price policy for wholesalers and big companies. Our company is always ready to make special offers with extra-discounts and delivery by our transport facilities as well.

Author: Yurii Pavlovskyi 

  • 11DO
    11ДО 11DO one-side road protective barriers to be installed on motor roads of general use.
  • 11DD
    11ДД 11DD double-side road protective barriers shall be installed along the axis of traffic strip in case of four-lane traffic.