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Buy metal L-profile in Kiev and Ukraine. Own production of steel angle, delivery and pickup, manufacturer's price. Bent metal equal/unequal angles L-profiles according to DSTU 2254-93 and DSTU 2255-93. Custom production from 2 to 12m. Shortest production time. Savings up to 30%. We are a manufacturer and supplier of L-profiles for many retail chains of rolled metal products in Ukraine. Leave a request and get detailed information.

You can place an order or find out the cost and assortment and buy profile pipes in Kiev by calling

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Buy L-profile in Kiev

SavVATS metal center it's not just a metal rolling shop. We have been producing bent steel profiles, including steel L-profiles, for over 25 years. We have our own production and we can offer really competitive prices for a metal L-profiles in retail and wholesale, with delivery anywhere in Ukraine. How much does a metal L-profile cost, what are the conditions for large wholesale deliveries or retail purchase of steel L-profile? If you need to buy a steel L-profile in wholesale or retail in Kiev, leave a request and buy a bent steel profile at the best price in Ukraine.

Buy steel L-profile

Steel L-profiles are always available in large volumes in Kiev and in the warehouses of our branches in Mariupol, Melitopol, Mykolayiv and other cities of Ukraine. Certified steel, quality control in production, low prices from the manufacturer - a guarantee that you will receive the best conditions for the purchase of steel L-profiles for construction, repair and erection of metal structures.

Bent metal equal/unequal angles L-profiles according to DSTU 2254-93 and DSTU 2255-93

SavVATS Ltd. produces economical lightweight bent metal L-profiles from various grades of steel, including:

  • alloy structural steel (S325JR-S345JR, DSTU 8539:2015),

  • standard grade carbon steel (S235JR-S275JR, DSTU 8539:2015),

  • structural quality steel (DC01, DSTU 7809:2015) with thickness from 2 to 5 mm.


Assortment of produced equal angles bent L-profiles is below:

Size, mm, b Lenght Thickness, mm, s
from 25х25 to 150х150 up to 12m 2

The list of equal/unequal angles L-profiles that are permanently available in the warehouse:

Size, mm, b Thickness, mm, s Size, mm, b Thickness, mm, s
22*22 2 75*50 3; 4; 5
25*25 2; 3 70*70 4; 5
30*30 2; 3 80*50 5
35*35 2; 3 90*50 5
40*40 2; 3 90*90 4; 5
45*28 3 100*50 4; 5
50*28 3 100*60 4; 5
50*50 2; 3; 4; 5 100*100 4; 5
60*60 3; 4; 5    

The company also produces other L-profile sizes on request.

Size range from 25 to 150 mm. This is significantly reduce the weight of the structure, and also reduce the pressure on the foundation during the construction of structures and buildings, this saves up to 30% of your budget.

L-profile is a rolled, drawn or bent profile (basic element of a metal structure). L-profile is an L-shaped beam made of rolled steel (manufactured on pipe mills from high-quality structural steel).

Unequal L-profile have several types. Depending on the production method, there are hot rolled and cold formed profiles. The first type is the result of hot rolling a steel billet on a special rolling machine between rolls. Bent products are obtained using roll forming machines due to deformation of a steel metal strip.

L-profile application

Metal L-profile is especially widely used in construction as rigid rebar for reinforcing concrete (often in combination with other profiles: I-beams, U-profiles, etc.) in the structures of monolithic high-rise frame buildings. 

We manufacture hot-rolled steel equal/unequal angles L-profiles using a roll forming machine, on which, due to pressure, the product gets required shape.

Unequal angle L -profile is widely used in various spheres: from construction (erection of rigid structures from reinforced steel, etc.) to car building, as well as in interior decoration, in furniture production, etc.

If you need to use L-profiles as a supporting structure under high metal load, we recommend using a hot-rolled L-profile.If there are no high loads in structure erection, and increased accuracy is required, we recommend paying attention to profiles bended on press.

SavVATS Ltd. fulfill orders for the production of steel roll-formed profiles in the shortest possible time. L-profile length from 2 to 12m, this allows you to exclude production waste and cutting costs, save your money and increase money turnover. All metal sold by us is subjected to careful control. Each batch of manufactured products is equipped with a quality certificate.

L-profiles can be of high or standard manufacturing accuracy. In L-profile production can be used low-alloy steel S355JR, 10MnSi5, P295GH or 14HGS, and aluminum alloy steel.

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Delivery across Ukraine. Branches in Mykolayiv, Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk regions.

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Popular categories of rolled metal

Metal L-profile: popular sizes

We can offer steel L-profiles of any size, but as with any product, there are the most popular sizes that are in great demand among our customers and partners: metal corners 20x20x2.8, 20x20x2, 30x30x3, 40x40x1.5.