Established in 1992

Work schedule:
Mon - Fri: from 8-30 to 16-30
lunch from 13-00 to 13-30
Sat: 8-30 to 13-30
Sun - day off

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Jobs "Savvats" service metal center.

The company "Savvats" works on the market of metal and metalworking since 1992. Our company is constantly evolving and growing, in connection with which there are always current vacancies in production, in sales. Current vacancies can be found on this page.. 



Slinger. Vacancy is open. Kyiv. Call me.


Sales Manager - metal rolling Kyiv Ukraine

Sales manager - metal rolling Kiev. PR in this direction from 2 years - required.


Repairman. Kyiv.

Repairman. Kiev. Official registration according to the Labor Code.


Crane operator. Responsibilities: loading, unloading metal.

Crane operator. Responsibilities: loading, unloading metal. Requirements: gantry cranes. Vydubychi.


Vacancy operator for production. Kyiv.

The operator is a production distributor. Responsibilities: production line operator. Vacancy in Kyiv.


Line operator - vacancy in Kyiv

Metal Roller - vacancy in Kyiv. Responsibilities: work on the profile bending machine.


Vacancy Gas Cutter Kyiv

Vacancy Gas cutter KIEV. Responsibilities: - gazorezka metal. Working conditions: 8-30-17: 30 Registration of the Labor Code, soc. package.


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